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Indigo Daya - Slice/Silence: a project with The Big Anxiety

Official Selections

2023 Urban Dreams Mental Health Film Festival, New York

2023 This Is My Brave Canberra International Film Festival, Australia

After years of advocacy work within the government health system, Indigo Daya has now left the security of her 9 to 5 job to focus on grassroots and community activism, partnering with other survivors of abuse to speak out about mental health support, self-injury and the impacts of silencing. 

Together with The Big Anxiety, Indigo is planning to create a safe space for survivors and supporters at their upcoming Naarm (Melbourne) Forum. Using cushions as a medium for people to engage with concepts of self-injury and healing, it’s her first opportunity to step out on her own to bring together her activism, creativity and passion to connect with other survivors and explore support outside of the system. 

But giving up her stable income and experimenting with ways to connect with people about such taboo topics isn’t easy. And will people attending the Forum really get it and participate in the way Indigo hopes for? 

Presented by The Big Anxiety and produced by Article One, this short documentary film explores the passion, tension and hopes of an artist seeking to connect with others who have experienced trauma to find new ways to support and care for each other.  

STATUS: Currently entered to film festivals, due for release through social media later in 2023


A film by: Steph Vajda

Produced by: Prof Jill Bennett, Indigo Daya and Steph Vajda

Colour: Alex Adam

Created in partnership with The Big Anxiety with support from RMIT, Victorian Department of Health and UNSW


National NAIDOC Awards 2023



We were honoured to work with Blacklock Media to create 37 films supporting the 2023 National NAIDOC Awards, including a film for each of the 28 nominees and other presentations used at the event held in Brisbane. What a privilege for our team to be involved in editing films celebrating excellence, innovation, courage and spirit from all around the country.

These films can be viewed on the National NAIDOC Facebook page now


Editing. team: Steph Vajda, Sam Watson, Millicent Norman

Colour grading: Dan Baebler and Alex Adam

Sound mastering: Steph Vajda and James Hardage


Created in partnership with Brendan Blacklock, Blacklock Media and the National NAIDOC Committee

Thanks also to Line Producer Rami Fischler for coordinating project workflow and client liaison



Taking Action: community-lead mental health approaches in Warwick

Cynthia, Cushla and Nanette are women connected by loss and trauma as Warwick battles with an “epidemic” of suicide and mental health struggles.

Inspired after attending The Big Anxiety events in Warwick in April 2022, these women began to meet regularly aiming to support each other to work through loss and trauma and find the means to ‘post-traumatic growth.'

We've been following and working with this group as they explore ways to implement community-lead structures for mental health support and suicide prevention. A partnership with The Big Anxiety, this film provides an incredible insight into how communities could provide the missing pieces in supporting each other through mental health and suicide-related distress.

The film also serves as a case study, reinforced by concurrent research, promoting an understanding of the psychosocial benefits of creative practice, and of Indigenous, lived-experience-led cultural approaches to recovery and mental health. It will document ways in which communities can develop creative strategies and how such practice can complement and broaden the impact of clinical services.

STATUS: Post production with an expected release in May 2023


Producer + Director: Steph Vajda

DOP: Dan Baebler

Sound: Sam Watson

Story development: Steph Vajda, Dan Baebler and Sam Watson w Prof Jill Bennett

Editors: Steph Vajda and Sam Watson

Soundtrack: TBD

The Other Side: short films on coping with depression

Sometimes we just need to be reminded that small positive actions we take when in the middle of depression can be important steps in our healing.

Steph has received funding through the Regional Arts Development Fund (Ipswich) to create a series of short films with local people who want to share the small steps they took to help them start to pull themselves out of depression. The project involves a co-design approach to creating content by working with subjects with lived experience to develop concepts, scripts and then film. We are currently in pre production and scripting and hoping to complete the films by mid 2022.

STATUS: Pre production and seeking further funding to expand production


Produced and Directed: Steph Vajda

Screenplays: Steph Vajda with Andrea Bowkett, Nash Wall and Mariah Elrington

DOP: Dan Baebler   |   Gimbal: Steph Vajda

Sound: Sam Watson

Edit: Steph Vajda

Creating useful resources with the First People’s Disability Network

We're honoured to be working with Carly Wallace and the FPDN team to create a contemporary set of training resources for the organisation. We'll be traveling to sit down with people in remote communities around Australia to interview them about their disability needs as First Nations people. The unique intersection of needs they discuss will be compiled to create a set of resources that will support FPDNs training and capacity building within the organisation.

STATUS: Production


Producer: Carly Wallace

Director: Steph Vajda and Dan Baebler with Carly Wallace

DOP & Sound: Dan Baebler and Steph Vajda (including gimbal and drone)

Edit: Steph Vajda, Dan Baebler and Sam Watson

Colour: Dan Baebler

Beyond Invasion: insights from Aboriginal frontline activists in Meanjin

In 2021 we were fortunate to be able to speak with several Meanjin (Brisbane) based frontline Aboriginal warriors about their thoughts on invasion, the Colony and ongoing movements for sovereignty and justice. From these interviews we've been working on producing a documentary that shares their insights as a story focused on what the current and ongoing focus is for them and their social change work. Featuring: Aunty Deb Sandy, Chelsea Watego, Aunt Lilla Watson, Uncle Bob Weatherall, Bogaine Spearim, Uncle Lionel Fogarty, Teila Watson, Nadine Currie, Ruby Wharton, Troy Brady, Moojidi Fogarty, Wayne Coco Wharton, Larissa Baldwin, Fred Leone and Sam Watson

STATUS: Post production with an expected release late in 2023


Producers: Steph Vajda, Sam Watson, Bogaine Spearim, Surya McEwen and Karina Hogan

Director: Steph Vajda and Sam Watson

DOP: Dan Baebler

Camera Operators: Steph Vajda, Zac Lovett, David Granato, Leonardo Ortega, Beau Bressington, Sam Watson

Sound: Sam Watson, Surya McEwen, Steph Vajda

Edit: Steph Vajda and Sam Watson

Story development: Surya McEwen, Sam Watson and Steph Vajda with Bogaine Spearim

Colour: Dan Baebler


Herbarium Tales

We were engaged by Plumwood Magazine and UNSW to create a set of short films in collaboration with First Nations poets. The result is this set of 3 beautiful films articulating the poets visions for their work. These films were screened at Edinburgh Festival in 2022 as part of the House of Oz collection. Thanks to poets Datota Feirer, Samuel Watson and Luke Patterson.

Watch all 3 Herbarium Tales films on the AIATSIS website


Produced, written and directed by Dan Baebler, Sam Watson and Steph Vajda with Datota Feirer, Samuel Watson and Luke Patterson

Featuring: Datota Feirer, Samuel Watson and Luke Patterson

DOP: Dan Baebler 

Gimbal: Steph Vajda

Drone: Craig Mortensen and Jose Pincheira 

Sound: Steph Vajda and Sam Watson

Edit: Dan Baebler, Sam Watson and Steph Vajda

Colour: Dan Baebler 

The Crackup Sisters - Outback Artists

We've been working with the amazing Crackup Sisters over the past couple of years to create a web series as they ventured out and about to meet with performers who've worked in the Outback. With 6 episodes in this first season, we're currently entering films into film competitions to build momentum towards funding and creating a second series. Episode 6 in the series was a finalist in the 2022 West End Film Festival. And we've just been notified that all 6 films will be featured in the 2023 Vision Splendid film festival in Winton!

Check out the trailer. We're hoping to share these episodes with the world later in 2023.

More about the Crackup Sisters


Featuring: The Crackup Sisters - Amanda Lyn-Pearson & Bianca Mackail

Producers: Amanda Lyn-Pearson and Steph Vajda

Director: Steph Vajda and Amanda Lyn-Pearson

DOP: Dan Baebler

Cam B: Steph Vajda and Sam Watson

Sound: Steph Vajda and Sam Watson

Edit: Steph Vajda and Dan Baebler


The Big Anxiety - Naarm and Meanjin

We’ve been working with The Big Anxiety for a couple of years now, initially collaborating on a community arts project using Augmented Reality and storytelling. Since then we’ve been filming their events in Meanjin (Brisbane) And Naarm (Melbourne). We’re also making a documentary with them and the Warwick community. Here you can check out the highlights films we’ve made from each of their recent events. 

More about The Big Anxiety


Camera: Dan Baebler (Meanjin) &  Steph Vajda (Naarm)

Edits: Steph Vajda

The Save Deebing Creek campaign

The campaign to save Deebing Creek and specifically the former Aboriginal mission site is a vital part of the struggle for justice in South East Queensland. We’ve been honoured to work with camp protectors and campaign leaders, documenting their battle with developers and government and creating short social media pieces to help spread the word and encourage wider support and involvement. 

Sam is also currently editing a short film from footage collected at the Deebing Creek Summit held on site in 2022. 

To see more of the vids we've produced for this campaign, go to the Deebing Creek Justice Facebook page


Director: Sam Watson

Camera and Sound: Steph Vajda

Edits: Steph Vajda


Basic Rights Qld campaign

BRQ approached us to develop a set of films, radio ads and print materials for a campaign to provide support for regional communities to access information about social security. Through engagement with community service providers and the BRQ team we created films like the one above featuring Aunty Dawn Daylight.

More about BRQ


Produced, written and Directed: Steph Vajda with Fiona Hunt and Paul MacKay

Featuring: Aunty Dawn Daylight, Malinda Flynn, Stan James, Eileen Hooper, Sandra Jones and Jak Lintott

DOP: Dan Baebler  |  Sound: Steph Vajda

Edit: Dan Baebler and Steph Vajda

Meat Free Mondays - You Came Again

You Came Again is a vegan tapas bar and restaurant located in West End, Brisbane. We were stoked to work with Nicola and her team to develop an advert promoting their new Meat Free Mondays, an opportunity for meat eaters hesitant about trying vegan food. Working with YCA also meant we had a few more chances to sample their delicious menu! Due for release in the first half of 2022.

Book a table at YCA today!


Produced, written and Directed: Steph Vajda

Featuring: Amber Hawken and Ryan Pope

DOP: Dan Baebler

Sound: Sam Watson and Steph Vajda

Edit: Steph Vajda

Colour: Dan Baebler


Anthony Forrest: Deepest Love

Anthony Forrest is an acclaimed singer songwriter hailing from Brisbane. He's a member of renowned reggae band Kingfisha and Deepest Love is his first solo release. We filmed this live recording of Anthony and the band at So Soap Studios in West End in 2021.

Check out Anthony's Facebook Page


DOP: Dan Baebler  |  Cam B: Steph Vajda

Edit: Steph Vajda

RUOK? Stronger Together campaign

In 2019, working with 33 Creative, we produced a set of four short films sharing real interactions between pairs of First Nations people who had supported each other through hard times. It was such an incredible honour to work on this project and we were humbled to receive a First Nations Media Award for Best Campaign.

More about RUOK? Stronger Together


Produced and written: Steph Vajda and 33 Creative

Director: Steph Vajda 

DOP: Brendan Blacklock |  Cam B: Adam McPhilbin  |  Cam C: Danni Sitto

Sound: Douson Yuan

Edit: Steph Vajda

Take Blaktion 2021

Take Blaktion is a sexual health campaign for mob delivered by NSW Health. We've been fortunate to work with Aboriginal communications company 33 Creative in Sydney on this project since 2018 and have just been awarded an additional 3 year contract. The skit featured here is from the 2021 campaign.

More about Take Blaktion


Produced by Steph Vajda and 33 Creative

Writers: Megan Wilding, Dale Woodbridge-Brown and Andy Saunders

Director: Steph Vajda

DOP: Brendan Blacklock  |  Cam B: Dan Baebler

Edit: Steph Vajda

NVDA - A documentary on software empowering blind people worldwide

A film shot and edited by Dan Baebler while working with Human, a now ceased community development and design organisation based in Brisbane. Dan and a colleague Andrew Gibbs traveled throughout Europe, Asia and the USA to produce this film.

More about NVDA


Produced, written and Directed by Andrew Gibbs and Dan Baebler

DOP: Dan Baebler  

Edit: Dan Baebler

Sovereign Stories - State Library of Qld

Sovereign Stories are a collection of films celebrating 10 years of the State Library of Queensland's black&write! program.

More about Sovereign Stories


Producer and Director: EJ Garret (Jetzak Productions)

DOP: Dan Baebler  |  Cam B: Steph Vajda

Sound: Steph Vajda

Edit: Dan Baebler & Steph Vajda

Dancing Water – ‘Doin It Different’

We recently shot some promo for an upcoming release by Dancing Water called ‘Doin It Different’

More about Dancing Water


DOP: Dan Baebler  

Gimbal: Steph Vajda


TRIPLE A has sound and film recording spaces for hire.

Postal address: 2 Ambleside Street, West End 4101

Phone: (07) 3892 0100