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Community development and filmmaking in action through engagement, collaborative process design, facilitation and delivery.

Article One is a partnership between Dan Baebler and Steph Vajda and collaboration with a growing collective of media makers, artists, facilitators and creative producers.

We aim to create content that inspires.


“Article One worked with us to develop a great community engagement strategy and suite of products.  Steph and Dan were collaborative, talented and flexible partners for our project”

Fiona Hunt, CEO, Basic Rights Queensland





We’re Article One, filmmakers who specialise in creating high quality engaging mixed media outcomes with communities through grassroots relationships, collaborative story development, finding ways to strengthen people’s confidence and skills and aligning the way we work with local needs and values.

Our studio is located on Jagera and Turrbal lands that were never ceded or surrendered as with all First Nations lands in Australia since invasion. We support First Nations movements in Australia and around the world in their struggle for sovereignty, self determination and due recognition of past and ongoing atrocities. We acknowledge and pay respect to Traditional Owners, Elders and custodians of Meanjin [Brisbane] and align our work and content making with supporting their political  and survival objectives.

Sovereignty never ceded.

Steph Vajda

Steph is a producer, director, sound recordist and editor with 20+ years experience with cross-cultural engagement, community cultural development process and grassroots activism campaigns around Australia and internationally. He specialises in co-designing impactful film and community arts projects with clients and communities that can address and contribute to social change. 

Projects – This year Steph has produced and contributed to film outcomes with clients including The Crackup Sisters, You Came Again, State Library of Qld, Basic Rights Qld and Why Warriors, while coordinating development of Article One film projects with First Nations Elders and activists in Meanjin. He is also creating a set of mental health-related short films in the Tulmur (Ipswich) region and has been commissioned by UNSW to develop a regional mental health focused AR audio storytelling project that will be showcased in a range of urban and regional venues in 2022.

Dan Baebler

With 20 years experience in the moving image Dan is a shooter, editor, colourist and motion graphics designer. Dan has a special interest in social justice and has worked with First Nations communities all across Queensland.

Projects – Dan has shot and edited a range of client outcomes in 2021 including with Basic Rights Qld, State Library of Qld, You Came Again, The Crackup Sisters and more. 


We also collectively work with these talented people

Sam Watson

Sam is an emerging filmmaker and political activist residing in Meanjin. Sam has been involved in organising protests and events for a wide range of issues, but in particular for Aboriginal rights, refugee freedom, and climate justice.

Projects – Sam is involved in Article One production design and shoots for a range of client-driven projects where he is developing his skills on set with camera, sound and direction. He is also a key driver of Article One social change projects including a 26 Jan documentary. 

Karina Hogan

Karina is a journalist and board member with several Brisbane-based Aboriginal organisations including Sisters Inside. She works with both ABC Brisbane and Brisbane Indigenous Media Association’s 98.9fm and is interested in creating content that highlights systemic issues that First Nations people face and advocating blak-led responses to them.

Projects – Karina is working with Article One to develop several social change projects including Triks: Unfinished Business, 26 Jan and decolonise. 

Surya McEwen











Surya is a political scientist and researcher who also works in counselling. He is a longtime human rights and climate activist interested in human liberation and justice.

Projects – Surya is working with Article One to develop a 26 Jan documentary and the decolonise series

Brendan Blacklock

Brendan developed his skills behind the camera, producing and editing 100’s of projects for his company Blacklock Media with clients such as Bangarra, Sydney Living Museums, Councils, AIME, Tropfest, University of NEW England and NSW Dept of Health to name a few. Recent Director of Photography credits include BBC’s Panorama program “Wild Weather: Our World Under Threat” and Episode 1 of “Unheard” documentary for Ladbible and Amazon Prime.


Mariah Elrington

Mariah is an emerging photographer with an interest in storytelling and filmmaking. Her passion lies in uncovering everyday stories and finding ways to share new perspectives on them through images.

Projects – Mariah has assisted on set with several fee for service projects with clients including Basic Rights Queensland. She is also involved in developing Thea series of mental health short films and developing the Triks: Unfinished Business series.